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Quality Management

Our Quality Optimisation Concept includes three core areas:

  • Introduction of Quality Management System (QMS) and assistance in gaining a ISO 9001 certificate,
  • Overall organisation approach to the Total Quality Management philosophy,
  • Bringing your company to a learning organisation.

These modules are supported by personnel and project management adapted to the company situation. For meaningful information on medium and long-term planning, continuous improvement of the service offer as well as the assessment of today’s position compared to the competition, climate analysis, market, customer satisfaction and benchmarking studies can be carried out additionally.

ISO 9000FF.

After analysing the current state of the QMS in your company, we define the measures to be carried out before certification. We also support you at the

  • Development of a shared quality strategy and measurable objectives,
  • Identification of internal and external issues, relevant needs and expectations of your interested parties,
  • Implementation of risk and process approach,
  • Definition of your processes, the key performance indicators, management of your processes and the evaluation of risks and opportunities,
  • Development of knowledge management,
  • Training of your management and employees,
  • Structure of the QMS documentation,
  • Introduction of quality cost controlling,
  • Design and implementation of internal quality audits,
  • Selection of a suitable certification body as well as the necessary preparation for the certification audit.

We carry out internal audits in a process-oriented manner using classic, alternative or agile audit methods. In addition, we perform quality audits on your behalf with third parties. As a result, you get an evaluation of the current quality status. In particular, references to improvement potentials are given. Together with other service providers, the results of the audits of investors, banks, insurance companies, etc. can be applied in the risk assessment of their customers, in the area of property values, product liability insurance and product protection insurance.

Total Quality Management

When implementing the TQM philosophy, all company levels are integrated into the quality improvement process and a quality culture is implemented throughout the company.

The most important building blocks of TQM are:

  • Employee Orientation
  • Customer Orientation
  • Processor Orientation
  • Success-oriented
  • Corporate Orientation

The goal is to align your entire company with customers, create flexible organisational structures and short response times.

Learning Organisation

A strategic success factor is the ability to learn as a single employee and organisation as a whole, to change and to reorient itself. The learning results from the different areas must be networked. The resistances resulting from the demands for change are minimized through targeted change management.

Human Resources Management

The focus is on successful employees. Only through the involvement of appropriate employees and the creation of willingness to change can new management paths be successfully pursued.

We can help you with:

  • Targeted search and qualified selection of appropriate staff,
  • Quantitative and qualitative planning of personnel resources,
  • Development and implementation of appropriate HR development tools as well as
    Planning and implementation of seminars and workshops accompanying the process of change.

The involvement of the employees in the change process is most often done by team work activities. We have a concept of how teams can be designed efficiently and purposefully. Teams must be oriented towards the future, oriented towards action, focused on results and innovative.

Martina Scharwey

KMS Consult

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